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Committed towards "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" we at MANOJ INDUSTRIES, work as a team to achieve continuous improvement and growth

Established in the year 1992 'MANOJ INDUSTRIES' an ancillary unit to perform engineering job work for MENON PISTONS (Kolhapur), and to cater to their various needs such as to manufacture 'ALFIN carrier rings', and other job works related to piston rings

Honouring the needs of industries today, as most iron equipments are being replaced by Aluminium, and its requirement is increasing year after year, (2001) saw the birth of 'Aluminium Foundry'.

With the help of dedicated and committed Aluminium experts, we produce general castings for automobile, generators industrial and electrical application ranging from 0.05kg to 15kg. The Raw materials used are

LM 4, LM 6, LM24, LM25, Tin Alloys, ASTM Standards, Etc.

The foundry has facilities of melting furnace, electric holding furnace, Precipitation furnace, shot blasting and Spectro lab for maintaining consistent quality. Also a 280 Tone Pressure Die casting machine is installed for PDC components.

For better customer satisfaction, In the year 2004 we established the 'MACHINE SHOP' to provide continuous fully machined Aluminium castings.

The company has a facility of CNC Machining, VMC Machining, CMM inspection, Air Leak Testing (ATEQ) and Surface Roughness Testing etc.

In response to globalization and cater to the requirements of international market, Aluminium tin machined component were exported to USA through Menon Exports.

Also we have started direct export of Aluminium Components to U.S.A. & Germany since year 2005 & 2011.

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Company Profile
  • Commenced its operations in 1992 at Kolhapur
  • Today, we manufacture Aluminium GDC / HPDC Components and Machine CI & Steel Components.
  • Total Manpower employed is 450
  • We have three plants in Kolhapur
  • Plant 1 GDC / HPDC Aluminium Foundry and Machine Shop
  • Plant 2 Machining of Alfin carrier Rings for Automobiles Pistons
  • Plant 3 Machining of steel & SG Iron Piston Rings.
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